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We’re baaaaaaack... - 1996
by Adrian Roberts

It may have been a long time coming, but it‰s finally here. I‰d like to welcome you to the second-ever issue of Piss Clear. As you may or may not recall, last year‰s Burning Man festival saw the debut of this publication, which started off as a sort of irreverent survival guide and ended up mutating into, well, what you‰re now holding in your hands. Due to last year‰s resounding success, Piss Clear has returned to the playa. The masses have spoken, and clearly, Black Rock City‰s reading public demands something more than the mere paint-by-numbers propaganda spoon-fed by the playa‰s more mainstream establishment press, such as the Black Rock Gazette.

It is for this reason that I am proud to announce that starting with this issue, Piss Clear is going daily! You can wake up each morning with the comfortable knowledge that a brand new Piss Clear awaits your perusal. Look for it each and every day in the Piss Clear newspaper box near the Central Camp bulletin board. And be on the lookout for the Disgruntled Postal Workers, who will be distributing it daily.

Or just look for me, the pink-and-blue-haired androgynous waifish freak. I‰ll be pedalling around the playa on my fuzzy yellow 10-speed bicycle, handing out Piss Clear to unsuspecting Black Rock denizens throughout the weekend. Share and enjoy!

And in case you‰re still wondering why this publication is entitled Piss Clear, check out Greg Dilley‰s informative article on the opposite page. They are words to live by, literally.

Also, don‰t miss the first installment of Media Exposure, our new column from Lizard Man, who, over the course of the weekend, will list essential books, films, and albums that one should expose themselves to in order to more fully appreciate the Black Rock Desert.

On another note, I feel I have some explaining to do. With the plethora of massive-scale art installations going on, I must admit that I sometimes feel a bit self-conscious about my participation here at Burning Man. I mean, sure I have ideas. I‰ve got concepts. I would love to be able to put together a theme camp, or erect a huge art thing in the middle of the playa, or dazzle the masses with a fiery performance art piece.

But let‰s face it. For me, personally, it‰s simply a hell of a lot easier to just bring out to the playa six reams of paper and a PowerBook. I don‰t have to rent a U-Haul to do this, or get handy with any power tools besides my computer mouse. Sure, it‰s smaller in scale than some things out hereÖtake that tall wooden figure over there, for instance. But you know what they say: good things come in small packages.

Of course, I‰m rationalizing. But I don‰t care. Consider what you‰re holding in your hands to be my little mini art installation, and let‰s just leave it at that. Enjoy!

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