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Bring the kids! We love 'em! Even raw!
by Lizard Man

There are people wondering whether Burning Man is an appropriate environment for children. While I personally see nothing wrong with small children being exposed to public nudity, flamboyant homoeroticism, and large-scale acts of destruction, I know fully grown adults who have freaked out-while totally sober-over the sheer quantity of malevolent, sinister, destructive energy poured out at Burning Man. This is an integral part of the Burning Man mythos-after all, if we don't destroy stuff, we won't be forced to build new stuff for next year-but it's somewhat a heady concoction to give to children, especially since there is no escaping it: the sound and fury are all around, and most who sleep at Burning Man do so only when thoroughly exhausted. In the daytime, a carnival atmosphere prevails. But at night, the monsters come out.

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