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Get Weird! It's Okay!
by Lizard Man

There seems to be a lot of vague posturing and conceptualizing about participation at Burning Man and how it makes Burning Man so much different from other mass "events." But just what are they talking about? Sure, you can wander around the theme camps and get involved, doing whatever activities the theme camp planners have come up with for you. It certainly beats standing around staring while everybody else has a good time...but maybe you'll still be missing the point?

Burning Man is not a festival, it's not an event÷it's a forum, a place where you are given the freedom to not only do whatever you wish (again, assuming you don't interfere with anybody else's good time) but also the freedom to be whatever you wish, whether you want to be a six-foot lizard (okay, my personal favorite) or the guy in the tutu on the penny-farthing bicycle. Look around you÷everywhere you look there are creative spirits popping their tops and going all-out÷being and doing what "normal" society would chastise them for, just because it's a little too colorful.

Burning Man is an extrovert's convention, a place where everybody can let their hair down -- or shave it off -- hell, they can burn it off if they prefer -- and appreciate everybody else who's doing the same thing in their own unique way. So don't just stand there and snap pictures -- get weird! It's okay!

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