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Help Wanted ö Over There!
by Lizard Man

Those guys over there building that strange thingamajig with the stuff sticking out of it could sure use a couple of hands holding things steady while they bolt in the last pieces. And those people two camps over need a little help getting their awning under control. Need a sledgehammer? Those folks with the rainbow-painted RV have one you can borrow. I understand they need assistance finishing off that keg of homebrew they brought÷unless somebody can fix their fridge for them.

See those dopes over there in backwards baseball caps? Yeah, those guys sitting on the tailgate of their red pickup. They've been sitting there quaffing Bud together all weekend, blasting 25-year-old Led Zep tunes and hooting at the "babes" but never really meeting anyone. Guess they got lost on their way to the tractor pull or something.

Meanwhile, over near Art Car Camp about thirty people are feverishly erecting a pyrotechnic statue for tonight's festivities÷and only twelve of them knew each other before today. A Barbie doll lookalike is getting help with her sunscreen from an androgynous queen with sculpted features worthy of a Renaissance piece, and strange squealing noises are coming from that yellow-and-blue tent that was blown down last night by the wind.

This is the nature of community interaction at Burning Man÷go out and offer some help, pitch in, get involved. You never know who you might meet or how they might choose to demonstrate their appreciation. But whatever you do, don't just sit on your ass and watch÷you'll miss 80% of the show!

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