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Be nice to naked people!
by Lizard Man

You have no doubt heard that there is a great deal of nudity at Burning Man. This is most certainly true. But unless you have been here before, or are a regular at naturalist gatherings and nudist beaches, you may not have realized that public nudity cannot occur without certain societal implications, or "nudiquette."

A place with nude people must, by definition, be a place where people feel comfortable taking their clothes off. Staring, leering, shooting photos, and yelling "Hey baby! Show us yer tits!" do not contribute to this environment. So please, don't do it. More importantly, if you see someone else doing it, please ask them to stop. If you are coming to Burning Man to ogle, you have completely missed the point and will probably be run out of camp on a rail by a screaming horde of leather-clad bull dykes, while the rest of us cheer them on.

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