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Eight little Burning Man pleasures

Eating or drinking anything containing ice.

Picking playa boogers out of your nose.

Putting sunblock on those delicate, less frequently exposed areas.

Having dirty fingernails in a place where everyone else has them too.

Food who cares?

Not a television in sight.

Being able to write "Wash Me" on any car you come across.

Knowing that the phone won't ring in the middle of something interesting.

Eight little Burning Man pains

Not being able to go anywhere without water.

Always feeling sticky slathered with sunblock.

Not being able to find your camp at night.

Sleep guilt what if you miss out on something cool?

Warm beer.

The nagging fear that some lawsuit will this year the last.

Constantantly wondering: "Why didn't I start coming x years ago?"

Teva tan.

Hurricane Linda

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