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The face of Burning Man
by Lizard Man

Well actually, the Burning Man has no face, which is wonderfully abstract and strangely appropriate, given that the Burning Man Experience is all about face. Not saving or losing face, but about facing your own self. Burning Man is about facing your fears, confronting yourself head-on, and facing both your strengths and weaknesses in all their resplendent glory. Burning Man is not just about the good feelings, it is about dealing with the intensity of life in all its rich variety. Facing the often beautiful and sometimes ugly truths about human nature. Facing your own demons and accepting that you are not perfect. Facing your connections to others, however wonderful or flawed or deep or shallow they may be. Facing the stark reality of your own survival in this harsh playa environment, and coming out a winner... maybe with a little help from the community whose view of yourself you must also face.

At Burning Man, the stress, the heat, the intimacy, the power of the community, the powerful Black Rock desert environment, and even the freedom to shed your clothing, all act in concert to lay your soul bare before yourself and others÷and this is what you must face.

Yes the Burning Man has no face. He's missing a few other things as well, and maybe you are too. As we burn the Man, you are free to imprint your own face on it/her/him. Maybe the expression on that face will tell you what you have learned about yourself here, without you even realizing it.

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