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Killer Ideas for Next Year
by Andy Wing

So, youâre out here, surrounded by all these fabulous theme camps, all this cool art, all this amazing creativity, and youâre thinking to yourself, ăIâm lame. I didnât bring anything cool out to the desert.ä But two words keep running through your mind: next year.

But what to do? Well, we here at Piss Clear have made it easy for you, with this handy-dandy idea list. Of course, weâre way too lazy to try pulling off any of these ideas ourselves, but perhaps youâll be more motivated than us next year. Weâve done the brainstorming ÷ the rest is up to you. Good luck!

Black Rock Computing Center
Nothing more modern than an original IBM PC running DOS 1.1 would be permitted. Bring on the Apple IIs, TRS-80s, Atari 800s, Wang 2600s and even Altairs and Rockwells. PDP-8s and System 360s would make it a true Îsuperâ computing center. Fire up Visi-Calc, Sargon, Adventure, Star Trek, or just sit down and crash the machines!

Flaminâ Gong
Two performers with flaming mallets smash a gong in a pounding rhythm while two concentric circles of dancers join hands or link arms and follow along in a retrograde motion. The mallet wielders stand in an inch deep reflecting pool. Loud, thumping, and obnoxious samplaholic music accompanies the whole thing.

Light, seemingly frail, geodesic balls are scattered around the playa. By day, they blow around or are carried to and fro. By night, they are lit up by kerosene-soaked rags suspended in the middle by wire and rolled to and fro. They are anonymous and subject to the whims of the desert dwellers.

Burning Highway to Nowhere
So this is where Interstate 0 is! Antarctica, next exit. Three Way Traffic Ahead. Playa Chicken Crossing.

The Burning Klan
Effigies in white hoods get a taste of the flames themselves.

Giant Lava Lamp
A hundred gallons of benzyl alcohol should make for a spectacular blaze on Saturday night!

A silly looking space elephant with a set of couches on her back. Fully mobile.

Burning Books
Forget literary content ÷ burn copies of the federal budget, badly-written user manuals, obsolete/overpriced college technical texts, unsolicited junk from ărecycle bin fodder of the monthä book clubs.

The Hard Cock Cafe
The Girlie Grrrls meet their match!

Ten Cent Vinyl Revival Camp
A loud PA coupled with a few kiddie phonos and a rack of effects. Bring on those transcriptions! Need we say more?

Torture Me Elmo
The Muppet Hellraiser!

Giant Lego Camp
Cardboard blocks two feet long, all interlocking.

Tumbleweed Tent Camp
Their tents are purposely unstaked. Wherever the wind carries them, they camp for the night.

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