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BM 1999 vs. BM 2000
by Erica Candy Kane

Hello all you adorable people out here on the glorious playa. Life is all about ongoing growth, change, and adaptation. As a general philosophy, Erica believes that it is pointless to fight the inevitably of metamorphosis in the world. (Besides, it's a shame to wear the same outfit more than once, n'est pas?) She thinks those whiny folks who are always bellyaching about the way things used to be at Burning Man should find something better to do like dress up or, even better, take pictures of Erica Candy Kane!

That said, here are some keen observations on BM '99 versus BM 2000:

Last year, there were no CELL PHONES. This year, you can have PHONE SEX at the drop of a hat.

Last year, people were FLIRTY. This year, they are downright HORNY. (Probably due to this year's "body" theme.)

Last year, it was FUCKING FREEZING at night full length furs were de rigeur. This year, you can run NAKED AT NIGHT and only experience a slight chill.

Last year, URANUS Street was the name people snickered about immaturely. This year, ANUS Street is the butt of jokes (pun intended).

Last year, Bianca's Smut Shack. This year, the Jiffy Lube Lounge. 'Nuff said!

Last year, there were lots of cool LASERS all over Black Rock City. This year, who needs psychedelics? The nighttime LASERS are even better, rocking the playa long and hard.

Last year, BISEXUALITY ran rampant. This year, BISEXUALITY runs rampant.

Last year, you needed a BIKE to get around. This year, you need an ART CAR or moving bed to see it all.

Last year, DJ CHRIST SUPERSTAR was a hit on the playa. This year, ALIEN SEX SHOW is the hot ticket.

Last year, there was an ICE CREAM delivery truck. This year, there are SNO CONE machines.

Last year, the BURNING MAN sculpture was impressive. This year, the Burning Man's GENITALS are impressive.

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