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Black Rock City Rumor mill

All the Altoids are dosed.

There are more parachutes at Burning Man than were used in the entire Vietnam War.

Cher died.

They used to test nukes around here.

The whole event is secretly-sponsored by Yahoo!

Larry Harvey and Burning Man newsletter writer Darryl Van Rhey are actually the same person.

Scented baby wipes attract playa chickens.

The Burning Man organization keeps getting its BLM land use permit by funneling cash to the Reno mob.

Larry Harvey is actually Bill Gates. Think about it. Have you ever seen the two of them together in the same place?

The loose feathers from the boas of participants, if not picked up ,will embed themselves into the playa and germinate into playa chickens.

Chelsea Clinton is here again this year.

Rumors compiled by Penfold, Dennis Hinkamp, Tokyo Rico, and Adrian Roberts

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