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Black Rock City vs. Amsterdam
by Tokyo Rico

Ways Black Rock City is just like Amsterdam:

1. It's built around a "C"-shaped series of concentric road rings.

2. Everyone rides bikes.

3. Drug use is normalized.

4. "Alternative" lifestyles are tolerated and even celebrated.

5. People who have never been there think that it's all about dope and tits.

6. The coffee's pretty good.

7. In the summer, it's overrun with yahoos.

Ways Black Rock City is unlike Amsterdam:

1. There are more drunk Australians in Amsterdam.

2. The neon signs are smaller in Amsterdam.

3. It's much harder in Black Rock City to get rhubarb syrup and chocolate sprinkles for your pancakes.

4. It's supposed to be rainy and cold in Amsterdam.

5. Amsterdam never runs out of ice.

6. Amsterdam never goes away.

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