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DPW does not stand for:

Damned Pathetic Worms

Dancing Pretty Wild

Dangerous People Working

Dapper Pretty Wildkids

Deducing Pertinent Ways

Deep Penetrating Whup-ass

Delecatage Paired w/Willys

Delivering Provident Wisdom

Demanding Pretty Women

Demented Patient Ward

Denial Permanently Waived

Deranged Party Wonks

Deviant Prophylactic Wielding

Devious Pretentious Women

Do Perceive Wisely

Doing People Warmly

Doing People Wonders

Doing People Wrong

Don't Piss-off Will

Don't Presume Wombatshit

Donniker Peeing Wiccans

Double Penetration Workshop

Driving Partly Wrecked

Drugged Perverts Whacking-off

Drunk People Welding

Actually, DPW stands for all of those things

Come to think of it, just about anything you can think of that's an acronym for DPW is probably true.

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