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Nipples get pinched!
by Sage Collins

I didn't even try to find this story last year, as it happened right outside my tent. Around noon, I stepped outside my camp to find two officers, three agents, three Rangers, a K-9 Unit, and two unlucky Burners and two huge tits. More accurately, two "tit-tents" designed to look like breasts and the homes of the Burners. Unfortunately, they were showing a little too much when a county officer saw them enjoying a nice smoke break, bong and all, through an open flap.

Let this be a warning to everyone here this year. The number of citations and arrests last year is one I don't want to remember (it was a lot), but the magic number for anyone (including these two) caught was $250. It's the best case scenario for anyone here in the Silver State should the Tin Stars arrive, as any drug not available in a casino or whorehouse is treated with a zero-tolerance policy. The officers involved had no comment so I just muttered a few comments into the tape recorder myself. I'll refrain from printing them, thank you.

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