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The Power of Cheese
by Sage Collins

This is the first year that wind-powered sail vehicles have been banned from Burning Man. These vehicles were never a problem in the past, so what‚s the deal? Perhaps it was last year‚s unreported accident that spurned this new rule.

The story goes like this: Somewhere „out in the darkness,š as Danger Ranger put it, a 4x4 SUV, believed to belong to the BLM, crashed into a land sailer out at the three mile entrance. The SUV was apparently driving way too fast for conditions out there, and slammed head on into the parked vehicle, christened the „Miss Wisconsinš by its owner, who could not be reached for comment.

Miss Wisconsin, in addition to some marks and damage to the words őPower of Cheese‚ which were painted across the side, suffered a flat tire and a mangled left rim. The SUV, on the other hand, was inoperable upon impact, and had to be towed away.

This story was axed last year by the Black Rock Gazette‚s Much Acknowledged Representative In Articles and Newsletters because it was „unconfirmedš Ų despite the above photo of Danger Ranger and this reporter inspecting the damage to the land sailer. Hmmm...

Just a little reminder to slow the fuck down!

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