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BM's Top-Secret Product Placement Plan
To the surprise and amusement of the entire Piss Clear staff, our satellite intercepted the following e-mail sent from the top ranks of the Burning Man organization...

To: All Corporate Sponsors
From: BM Office of Special Affairs


We are pleased to announce that Black Rock Enterprises, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Burning Man, LLC, will again offer our Deluxe Product Placement Package (DPPP) for the third successful year in a row.

This premium package offers 20 strategically-planted 'influentials' roaming the playa for the full seven days of the Burning Man festival, specially trained to steer conversations stealthfully toward the topic of your fine product or service, and, where applicable, to display your product prominently.

Tangible proof that this tactic really works came last year, when Coca-Cola tracked the soft drink buying habits of fourteen individuals before and after attending Burning Man, and found that a full 83 percent had switched from Pepsi to Coke.

This year we proudly unveil a brand-new feature of the package the Subliminal Suggestion Add-On. If you elect to purchase this add-on, your 'playa street team' will also specifically target persons who are heavily self-medicated and thus highly suggestible. Initial testing has shown that this technique is 3 to 4 times as likely to result in a sale as our standard 'two-way' conversation method.

It should go without saying that the population of the annual Burning Man festival consists of strong, adventurous, driven souls, who tend to be high-profile in their respective cliques exactly the demographic that is guaranteed to increase your customer base at least tenfold.

Yet ironically, it is this same segment which has been the most resistant to traditional marketing efforts.Just as 'Gen X,' was a decade ago, 'Baby Burners' are now that elusive final frontier of the consuming public. GET THEM WHILE YOU CAN!

Most importantly, for obvious reasons. please keep this offer ABSOLUTELY TOP-SECRET. We have several overseas accounts to receive and launder any funds you wish to 'donate' in exchange for the terms of the DPPP.

Returning sponsors, we thank you in advance; and newcomers, we hope you will take advantage of this fantastic program.

Best regards,

Larry Harvey
Office of Special Affairs

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