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Top Ten Corporate Uses for Burning Man Creativity
by BobbyG

In the midst of all these articles about Burning Man I found one where they said some corporations actually buy tickets and help their employees go to Burning Man because it helps creativity. Hmm... I thought... Hence, this list:

Top Ten Corporate Uses for Burningman Creativity:

10) Cool desert structures at the company picnic!

9) Art cars in the company van pools!

8) Pirate radio in the maintenance dept.!

7) Leave No Trace: All yer work gets burnt on Friday afternoon before leaving for the weekin'!

6) Use bikes to get from one dept. to another!

5) Security by BRC Rangers!

4) Everyone gets their kewl online name on their desk or door, instead of some boring legally given name!

3) Gift economy day! Corporation gives away its products that day; No Vending!

2) Instead of Quarterly Earnings Targets, Quarterly Themes! For example, Q4 Theme: "Cold Lamping with Flavuh," and, the number one use of dat burnin' creativity:

1) Nekkid People's Body Paint Casual Days!!!

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