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Topless Women have it made at Burning Man

With apologies to anyone of non-hetero sexual orientations, but Burning Man is still about guys chasing girls. That "alternative society" crap you keep hearing about is really only about alternative pick up lines. Don't believe me? Think we're above all that? Then walk around with a topless woman for about an hour and get back to me.

Topless Woman walks around the playa for five minutes and comes back with a hot fajita and a cold margarita. I walk around the playa and come back with a sunburn and dusty feet. Topless Woman and I go for a walk around the playa. Topless Woman gets photographed 12 times, I get asked to move further to the left 12 times while they photograph Topless Woman. You know, I think I got offered one free beer (and it was Bud Light) and a couple hits off some skankweed the whole time I was there. Topless Woman left with a cooler full of food and alcohol that she never had to touch.

Leave your gender at the gate

-- Dennis Hinkamp

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