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Top 10 things the Greeters didn't tell you

  1. Did you know there are hot springs five miles away?
  2. Firearms are allowed, if they're locked up. We trust you.
  3. You're with Fox News? Cool!
  4. Burning Man is 7.5 miles north of here, then 3.2 miles due east. If you get lost, come back to this point and start again.
  5. The opera is a boring waste of time.
  6. If you want to burn something, there's a room under the Man you can use.
  7. There are undercover cops all over the place. Beware of clean-cut people.
  8. Nobody wants to see your dirty naked hippie ass.
  9. That's a fabulous feather boa!
  10. Anything else you need to know can be found in the Black Rock Gazette.
- Malderor and Playa Kitten

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