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420 86'd in New City Plan
by Huckleberry Juicebomb

After years of fighting frivolous police interdiction on the playa, on July 26, 2002, BMorg conceded to pressure from a consortium of law enforcement agencies and eliminated the street address of 4:20 in Black Rock City.

'This is a giant step in the direction of discouraging Burning Man attendees from illegal drug use,' claimed Lieutenant James 'Dutch' Borland of the Nevada State Police at a press conference on Saturday.

In some circles, the number '420,' and its corresponding time, are slang for marijuana. State Police and County Sheriff statistics show that at least five 'Highway 420' stickers were spotted at the 2001 Burning Man event.

Replacing street names that aligned with a clock's face for a set of compass degrees instead, the newly-named streets 225° and 135° are located nowhere near last year's addresses of 2:25 and 1:35. 'We are confident that the new city layout, with its far less intuitive street names, will force people to remain sober enough to decipher city maps,' stated Borland.

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