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Which is better: cyanide or freaks?
by Dr. Lizard

Canadian mining giant Noranda has over a billion dollars in gold claims staked in the Calico Mountains. They have been pressuring the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to shut down Burning Man so that 30,000 environmental peace freaks don't fall in love with that viewshed. They have managed to get Black Rock City shoved down into a tiny corner of the desert where the hills block that exquisite view. If you go out to the trash fence and look northwest, you can still barely see them. That was our view for the first few years.

Noranda pours money into far-right Christian groups who think we are Satanists or something, so that they will try to shut us down, as well as the Oregon-California Trails Association, who protest us even though we are nowhere near the trail.

The whole idea of making us hold BM in the same spot for multiple years is to ensure that there is a 'long-term' effect on the playa so that they can kick us out -- as if turning the Calicos into a strip mine with cyanide pits is better for the environment than a bunch of freaks running around in costumes for one week every year. Our only hope is that the BLM fees from BM eventually exceed those from mining land use revenue. Money talks. This is the real reason for those high ticket prices, folks. And you should pay extra if you can.

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