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Top Ten on the Playa 2002
by LadyBee

In no particular order

  1. Rosin Coven San Francisco's premiere Pagan Lounge ensemble perform in Trashastan on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at dusk, in the Cafe on Saturday night after the Burn, and at the Duck on Sunday night after the Temple of Joy burn. Do catch at least one performance or try www.rosincoven.com at home.
  2. Filthy Rich Camp These nutty L.A. divas break the bank at their exclusive gated theme camp, where furs are de riguer and members are swimming in cash. Be prepared to purchase playa art installations as their auctioneers cordon them off with velvet ropes and sell to the highest bidder. It's easy to support the gift economy when you're filthy rich!
  3. The Temple of Joy Once again, David Best and his crew bring us the eighth wonder of the world, made from recycled dinosaur kit parts. This year's structure is a temple dedicated to the giving of gifts, containing a hanging light fixture made of recycled blue glass.
  4. The Lily Pond Jeremy Lutes and the Sun Brothers create a field of light-intelligent copper lily pads. It responds to your presence by creating ripples of light that spread across the ground as you walk through the pond, creating the illusion of walking on water. Glass koi and wire dragonflies also respond to your presence.
  5. Anas Volcanus aka the Duck Is that a giant rubber ducky out in the Unknown World? I can say no more.
  6. La Contessa and Ark of the Nereids Two enormous sailing ships cruise our waters, staffed by aerialists, singers, dancers, and musicians. You can be the starboard star if so inclined. The hold of the Extra Action Marching Bands' Contessa contains the Soiled Dove, a nightclub run by women. Pepe Ozan's Ark features throat singers and Balinese monkey chanters.
  7. Leviathan Radiant Atmospheres does what they do best, with light and lots of it. A giant orb forms the body of this creature and radiates beams of colored light. Its tentacles will enclose you and if you venture near, a surprise awaits.
  8. Sea Naturally I love the idea of this gigantic Aeolian harp with its piano wire strings stretched 19 feet high across the playa, played by the winds. Find it in the Unknown World.
  9. The Bubble or H20 02 Swiss artist Myk Henry brings back his enormous bubble, which will be inflated out in the Unknown World, and will occasionally be let loose to roll slowly across the playa like a big rolling drop of water. You'll be able to enter the inflated bubble. Weird.
  10. Fool's Ark by Dadara This fanciful boat has travelled across the sea from a river festival in Amsterdam, and has come to rest on Lake Lahontan. On board, you might be lucky enough to be given a colored treasure map printed by the artist.

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