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Older naked guys
by Rev. Blind Toaster

There is a very sick and twisted strain of P.C. going around the playa and I don't mean Piss Clear. Some of my most liberal 'womyn' friends have been heard saying, 'What's with all these middle-aged naked guys." But if I were to say, "Fat chicks shouldn't go topless," I'd be found dead in my tent, strangled by a feather boa.

Okay, so male nudity isn't a very creative costume - but the reason middle-aged guys get naked at Burning Man is because they can. And we should support that, even if it gives you a creepy feeling sometimes. Even I personally felt a chill when I saw a fiftysomething guy wearing nothing but one of those Dr. Seuss hats on his head, and a bow tie on his other head. It made me think of my parents having sex, which is never a good thing.

But really, where else can middle-aged dudes, especially of the heterosexual flavor, do this sort of thing without being arrested or asked to join the priesthood? Even in our temporary Nirvana, we don't seem to be comfortable with the naked male form - especially cartoonish, erect depictions of ones in front of Jiffy Lube.

Other artists have made careers at Burning Man out of sculpting vaginal effigies and squirting naked women, but we have a hard time with hard-ons or even the dangling naughty bits of the normally repressed middle-aged male. Get comfy with it. Hug a naked guy today ... but do it at arm's length.

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