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Sex on the playa
by Rev. Blind Toaster

Listen up you wankers. Of course there is sex happening on the playa. At times it seems like a seething cauldron of hormonal soup. But did you really spend hundreds of dollars and months of planning just to try that tired dog-in-heat routine that you use at the clubs the other 51 weeks of the year? Go back ti your tent and do it the way only you can do best - release a little of that pent-up tension and come back out on the playa and act like a decent human being. And acting like a decent human being might actually get you laid - therein lies the paradox.

Though many of the hormonal-impaired take 'free expression' to mean 'free sex,' you are fucking up the vibe of the playa by releasing your libido on an unsuspecting population. Can't you take this somewhere else? The internet is already a pulsating boil of sex and pornography. If that's all you're looking for here, just insert the free AOL disk, lean back in your chair and spank it till it bleeds-AT HOME. For you sexoholics, stay away from Burning Man in the future. There are SO many other things to do and see and experience than sex, but if you do

  • Most lubricants will not withstand playa dust
  • Few people are whom or what they appear to be.
  • Voyeurism is not being a spectator--if it gets you off.
  • Just because someone gives you a condom doesn't mean they want to have sex with you, they just don't want you to breed.
  • EVERYONE has a camera or a video camera. If you don't want to end up on the web, stay in your tent.
  • Hitting on the people in line for the porta-pottys hardly ever works, but saying, 'Hey, wanna come over to my air conditioned RV to take a shit?' might.

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