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Hands Across the Playa tomorrow
by Adrian Roberts

It's a simple, yet ambitious project. It's called "Hands Across the Playa," and it's the brainchild of Yoni Sandler, an Art Director for Discovery Networks. The concept couldn't be more straightforward - get 2000 Burners together on Thursday afternoon around 3 PM to form a complete human chain across the playa, including the Man.

Conceptualizing a project like this is one thing. Successful execution of it is another. If Yoni can pull this off, it will be one of the single largest events in Black Rock City this year.

Piss Clear: Everyone in Black Rock City operates on scattered "playa time." Nothing ever happens when it's supposed to. This sounds like a logistical nightmare.

Yoni: If it takes all day, I won't let anyone leave until the human chain is complete.

PC: You don't really think you can pull this off, do you?

Yoni: No.

PC: So why are you doing this? Do you enjoy the challenge of the impossible, or are you just a masochist?

Yoni: Yes.

PC: Why should I take time out of my busy day of hanging out in Black Rock City to stand around in the hot sun just to hold hands with a bunch of other people?

Yoni: That's a really good point about the heat. I'm hoping that the 3 PM timing will help a bit. Since it's a really simple shape - a line - hopefully people will get the picture quickly, and we won't be baking in the sun for very long. To keep our minds off the heat, the Aerial Soul skydiving camp will entertain us from above, and there might be an Art Car parade down the chain as well.

PC: If you pull this off, how will you feel?

Yoni: Hot and tired, probably.

PC: And what if it ends up going down like most high-concept Burning Man projects - a great idea executed poorly? How will you feel?

Yoni: Hot and tired, probably. Then I'll cry.

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