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Playa Iron Liver Contest

Last year, Piss Clear held its first-ever Playa Iron Liver Contest - and we are proud to announce that it's back!

Inspired by the Black Rock Gazette's now-defunct Playa Iron Chef Contest, our competition is similar in execution, but different in content. Whereas the Gazette's contest was simply a thinly-veiled ploy to get fed gourmet food - cleverly disguised as a cooking contest - ours is an obvious ploy to get free drinks, shamelessly disguised as a cocktail competition!

The rules are simple: Bring us your best cocktail, along with the drink recipe. We'll be accepting drink submissions on Thursday, between 2 PM and 5 PM, at our offices at 1:30 Karmic Circle and Esplanade, right next door to the Earth Guardians.

The winner will get their photo and drink recipe published in our Friday edition, along with a prize package that includes unrestricted use of the Piss Clear RV for one hour, including access to the fridge, wet bar, and shower; a collection of Burning Man schwag, including a complete deck of Star-Glo cards; a tab of Ecstacy; and however many Tasty Bite meals from Trader Joe's that haven't been eaten yet.

And we have a winner for Piss Clear's second annual Playa Iron Liver Contest! We must admit, we were almost ready to give the prize to the shockingly simple, yet shockingly tasty Nascar, which is half Budweiser, half Red Bull, and nothing more.

But about an hour after sampling Dr. Lizard's Special Blue Margaritas, we realized that we were truly, uh ... on to something ... or at least on something, if you know what we mean.

As it turned out (and as we turned on) it was all about the secret ingredient, which you'll find in the recipe at right. It was a fitting end to great contest, and we appreciate everyone who stopped by the Piss Clear camp yesterday to submit their drinks for the contest. We had a great afternoon sampling them all, not to mention fun meeting you all!

Dr. Lizard's Special Blue Margaritas

In a gallon jug (from drinking water or windshield washing fluid, well-rinsed) combine:

48 oz. Herradura Silver Tequila
8 oz. Blue Curacao
12 oz. Triple Sec
60 oz. fresh lime juice

Top with orange juice. Add 2500 micrograms Lysergic Acid Diethylamide. Cap tightly and shake. Keep cold until ready.

At the formal pre-Burn cocktail party, slice limes into wedges. Rim 12-oz. glasses (not cups) with lime wedge and dip in salt which you distilled from playa mud over the previous year. Fill with ice and pour margarita into glass. Add lime, straw, and small plastic lizard as garnish. Try not to swallow the lizard. Serves twenty.

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