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Mysterious playa schwag

We get some weird-ass, poorly-written, hand-scrawled stories submitted to Piss Clear, most of which end up in the nearest burn barrel. But the following press release, which was found yesterday underneath our RV's windshield wiper, was just too mysterious to pass up.

Star-Glo on the playa During the wee hours of each morning, a mysterious masked character will enter the Center Camp Cafe. He/she will be dressed in primitive clothing - a coarse cloth robe or long gown, a worn WW1 leather flying helmet, a soft fur hat, ragged strips of fur and lace hanging from shoulders or sleeves, and wearing jewelry made with bits of computer chips and circuit boards.

He/she will set up a table, upon which will be a small lantern and a tiny waterfall. On this table, a deck of cards will be spread, face down. A sign will say, "Pick a card, any card. I am gifting it." Each mysteriously beautiful card will have special meaning to the chooser. Image and word will combine to create a message deep inside the brain. On the card will be a unique password/ID that will allow passage into the portal of Star-Glo. Much hidden knowledge will be revealed. It's the story of King Bruno, and how in 1955 he found a key to a mine, and what was found inside, and about the deal with the devil and the goddess and the genie, and about windstorms on the playa, and the secret of the living water, and the aliens and the 10,000 year-old UFO at the bottom of Lake Lahontan, and why Larry built the Man, and who shot Flash, and the night that Danger and Dark Angel performed a ritual at the sulphur plant, and the wild race across the playa.

"The Experience" will involve hidden knowledge, ritual, magic, sex, and drugs as it unfolds time and space at Burning Man.

Visit www.star-glo.org. It will push boundaries for Black Rock City.

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