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Black Rock weather forecast
by Elcircumanotymboy

This weather forecast is brought to you by your experienced DPW mental meteorologist, based on careful analysis of eight years of weather patterns during the Burning Man event. Here is the forecast:

Dry, hot, and dusty. Cooling somewhat in the evenings, possibly getting downright chilly. Scattered wind throughout. Possibly gusty and extremely dusty with periods of utter whiteout. Off-hand chance of cataclysmic torrential downpour of rains, frogs, and/or fire.

Remember, do not attempt to drive on the playa during or following major rain (of water, frogs, or fire). You will get stuck. (And in case of raining fire, we're all pretty much fucked anyway.)

Prepare your camp to be able to hold up against a rain of flaming, mud-covered frogs in gale force winds, possibly with widely-fluctuating temperatures.

And don't forget! Every night, everyone is invited to the "Free Booze and Drugs of Choice with Lotsa Nekkid People Mixer/Rave," held at First Camp from dusk till dawn. BYOB, as in boombox. It's "beyond belief!" Just look for the staff golf carts in Center Camp, parked off the Keyhole where the main circle opens up, facing the Man. Namaste as I wanna be!

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