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Haiku - 1996

See naked people!

Are they using sunscreen?

Smell the flesh burning

Drink lots of water

Be sure to always piss clear

Drink lots of water

Hungry for some flesh?

Stop by McSatan's for food

The burgers are good

Sleep during the day

It is way too hot to play

Be awake all night

Such a clear night sky!

Let's lie down on the playa

And count all the stars

You want to be clean?

Ha ha, you silly person!

You're on the playa!

Watch the fire roaring.

Hey, where are the marshmallows?

I want to toast them

Should we come next year?

Will there be tons of people?

Each year, the same thoughts

--Heather Shirkey

Labor Day Weekend

Who's laboring, anyway?

Not me, I'm chillin'

The Mousetrap is here

I can't wait to see it work

Wired says it's cool

Writing for Piss Clear

Shit, when will I get a life?

I mean, um, how cool!

Lazy Saturday

Hanging out at McSatan's

You want fries with that?

It's so dark inside

The Camera Obscura

Hey, who pinched my butt?

Sex in the desert

Wind blows through my pubic hair

Oops, forgot the lube

Nam Gninrub. Hmmm.

Yup, Burning Man spelled backwards

That's dumb, nevermind

Sunday night is nigh

Burn the man already, jeez



Dreaming Burning Man

The playa is on my mind

Get to Black Rock soon

Some here are naked

Lots of people here on drugs

Summer camp for freaks!

Central Camp is cool

Theme camps are interesting

It's too loud at night

Techno Ghetto rules!

Six sound systems blasting beats

It's a long walk though

Producing Piss Clear

Is a big pain-in-the-ass

Gratifying though

Please don't steal my bike

It's the only one I have

I need it out here

My mouth is gritty

There's playa dust in my teeth

Where's my damn toothbrush?

Burn it down quickly

We're tired let's just go home

Last night was more fun

--Adrian Roberts

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