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Haiku - 1997

Hualapai Playa

Itās smaller than Black Rock Desert

Will we all fit there?

The Piss Clear theme camp

Large origami in front

Big birds that donāt shit

No RV this year

That means there is no ice cream

Sure miss that RV

No driving cars here

No more annoying dust plumes

Bikes are much better

I asked, ćWhereās rave camp?ä

They said, ćThere is no rave camp.ä

ćCome on! No rave camp?ä

Itās so fucking hot

Really really really hot

Boy, it sure is hot!

Piss clear, good advice

Drink water and lots of it

Transparent urine

Burning Man, heaven

Only one thing is missing

Delivered pizza

Too many theme camps!

How can I check them all out?

I know! Clone myself!

Mistress Gaia who?

Does the Burning Man fuck her?

I don't get this theme

Fertility fest

But what about the gay boys?

Do they feel left out?

Burning Man haiku

What is the point of it all?

Now youāre catching on

Sunset on playa

I piss on his wooden leg

He will burn slower

÷ haiku by David Karner, Adrian Roberts, Heather Shirkey, and Bryan Finch

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