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Haiku - 1998

Don't believe Larry

The Man is getting smaller

See for yourself

Glad I used sunscreen

SPF 90 worked well

Heck, my lips are chapped

Where are my car keys?

If I had pockets I'd know

That's the naked truth

Hey, your hair's on fire

Is that a performance piece

Or should I get help?

At the port-o-sans

Ponder the meaning of life

The line moves slowly

There are Nebulons

Probing me for useful facts

But I know nothing

How come they didn't

Have the Man crush tents and stuff

Like in Godzilla

Did you hear who died?

Bob Hope in a big car crash

Just kidding, but no, it's true

Michael Zelner

Burn expectations

Come have your heart, soul, and mind

Sun-burned wide open

"What's fire?" What's burning?

Not to your culture, to you

What does your heart say?

My head is on fire

Piss clear, over here, on me

Put me out again

We want to be us

You want to be one of us

We want you to be

This old thing? My head?

It loves fire, starting again

Laughing in mirrors

Piss here or piss there

Thousand years it won't matter

But today it will.

This old thing? My heart?

It loves to burn, this stinging

Falling to its knees

Another picture

Another tit, that's the shit!

Observers Go Home

Give time to the rain

That isn't falling out there

But here in your heart

Gavin Heck

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