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Haiku - 99

Black Rock awaits us

Wheel of Time, chiming alive

Burn the Man! Burn! Burn!


The wheel of time ticks

The millennium it ends

The Man burns again


Only one glow stick?

And a four inch one at that!

Go home little man

--Gavin Heck

Night time on playa

I love the people out here

They're so flammable

--Bryan Finch

Where's the fucking guns?

Where's the drive-by shooting range?

Where's my drug dealer?

Piss in the porta-john

Piss on the dusty playa

Just always piss clear

I'll burn in the day

I'll burn at dusk and at dawn

I'll burn in the night

Winds blow so damn strong

So many damn cameras

Winds fuck 'em up good

--Bryan Finch

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