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Haiku - 2000

Dust gets everywhere

Even in my underpants

I wish it would rain

The one thing I brought

That I wish I had forgot

Was diarrhea

When the sun goes down

And the wind begins to blow

We'll sleep in a kite

Blowing dust and mud

Nude man with a Prince Albert

An infected dick

Parasol gives shade

Your hazy noon-time swagger

Dirt fashion runway

To take a shower

You must avoid the naked

Following the truck

Naked noon time man

Riding your bike so slowly

Is your ass on fire?

There is a small chance

While space-walking the playa

You might get blown up

A razor booger

Is lodged up in my sinus

Please don't touch my nose

We're all neighbors here

Dusty un-asked-for houseguest

Join us in our camp

Asleep in the dirt

When will the giant dick fall

I guess not ever

- Mikey & Andy

At night piss all seems

Streams kinda greyish blue but

It sure smells the same

- Gavin Heck

Harry Larvey takes

Another jolly bong rip

Your ticket money!

- Dr. Cliff

Everything you trade

You bought before you got here

No commerce my ass

Seven years ago

The fire lingam was cool

Now the opera sucks

Burning Man costs more

Than going to Hawaii

Next year: Aloha!

Drank enough water

But still pissing bright yellow

Ah! The vitamins

In the desert sun

A pint of Ben & Jerry's

Freezers rock my world

-- PF

You coast three feet on

A hundred dollar scooter

Try walking, jerk-off!

by Bryan Finch

My playa breakfast:

Pop Tarts, chips, pepperoni

And 5htp

Please, burn the Man quick

My dry ice has melted and

I miss my cat, Bob

We shout, "Spectator!"

At a man in jeans and hat

It's Larry Harvey

-- Tokyo Rico

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