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Haiku - 2001

I gaze at the stars

Discreetly pull out peepee

Water the playa

Dark porta-potty

Who left the gift on the seat?

Poo-poo pyramids

In darkness I pee

Beer cans in the urinal

Surprise water sports!

In line for rest room,

Handed copy of Piss Clear

Keeps mind off bladder

-- Sister Dana Van Iquity

Anarchy with rules

Special Olympics of art

Burning Man is dumb

What?! It costs how much?!

I'll be in the Mojave

Alone in the sand

-- flux

Hi! Where do you live?

In a giant trailer park

called Black Rock City

I wish for hot days

Camp Sunscreen is much more fun

With naked people

Look I am sparkly!

Oh, you found Glitter Camp too?

Glam is so trendy

"Burning Man no way!

Isn't that some kind of cult?"

Hmmm... perhaps they're right...

If it didn't come

out of your body, then it's

not playa spin-art

Last year I made maps

Of every city block here

I never used them.

Amateur poets:

Haiku means five-seven-five

So get a hai-clue!

Remember when I

Said that I really loved you?

I was just X-ing

-- PF

Wordless and soundless

Arriving empty and pale

Leaving full, sunburnt

Some burnt their clothes, hair,

Money, old void love letters

Others smiled, nodded

-- Gavin Heck

Paparazzi pop

Through la playa landscape... Lo!

I'm in the picture

Thousands of miles... fine

Where is Crystal Goddess Hands

With my ice massage?

Planet of the Apes?

Rip Off! Can't happen here!

Oh, look. Full toilets?

What a splendid day!

No one in the whole village

doing anything!

-- Shiki

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