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Haiku 2003

All these first-timers

Making up new "playa names"

How does 'Dipshit' sound?

"Themes" just frickin' suck

This is obvious to all

Can we stop them now?

Hey, is it just me?

Or is there nobody here?

Recession hits late

- Malderor

Do you ever think

"I'm too old for Burning Man"?

Then I guess you are

"Beyond Belief" - Oy!

Enough with the mystical

Bullshit already

Temple of Honor:

What will we be honoring

Charcoal and ashes?

- PF

Sex, drugs, playa noise

Strangers give the coolest toys

Fun for girls and boys

Motto not blotto

Piss clear and don't leave a trace

Gift it, don't lift it

Rhythm and color

The 'art' beat of the city

Can you feel its pulse?

Burn Man, baby, burn

Theme camp fire sing-alongs

30,000 strong

- Marquis Cuddles

Whether gay or straight

You gotta playa it right

Tantric gooey mess

All encompassing

Free radicals take their toll

Drink more to piss clear

- Jizan / Bollywood

Wake up at lunchtime

Filthy from previous night

Water truck shower

Perfect panties day

Surprise dust devil blindside

Pedal madly home

Trixie the pixie

Plays piano nearly nude

With wings on her back

Absinthe bar or bust

Under spell of the faerie

Bernie Manson's mad

Larry is way cool

Transforms lumber into Man

Jesus liked wood too

Hitchhiker mantis

Praying in the playa dust

No mate to dine on

- Orange Peel Moses

Alpha-Bits snacktime

Doze off in high noon sunshine

Sunburn says, "Eat me"

Quarter-mile long

Drive-Thru Confessional line

The Pope would be proud

Butterfly beings

Swarm El Circo Saturday

Slurping Bassnectar

Legal smoking age

Man's no longer breaking laws

They grow up so fast

Temple of Honor

da Vinci eat your heart out

Yeah, burn baby burn

- Orange Peel Moses


Can't shop because they're working

Give them some free beer

- Summer B.

2002 Piss Clear
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