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Weekend drug report 2001
Your Guide to a Safe Trip on the Playa.
By Shaft@gigsviile.org

Users should approach these drugs with caution:

DESCRIPTION: Blue tablet with Toilet Seat imprint.
STREET NAME: Johnny-on-the-Spots
ANALYSIS: 50% MDMA, 50% Ex-Lax. User has a spend a long time in the port-o-potties, but strangely seems to like it.

DESCRIPTION: Large White mushroom with reddish spots
STREET NAME: Magic Marios
ANALYSIS: In combination with glowing stars can lead to hallucinations of invincibility, increased height, and feeling that one is a small, Italian plumber being chased by turtles through a two-dimensional world.

DESCRIPTION: Small, narrow moustache
STREET NAME: Little Hitlers
ANALYSIS: Worn under the nose, delivers a steady stream of amphetamines through the nostrils. Faint smell of human ash. Can lead to paranoid delusions that you have invaded Poland.

DESCRIPTION: Severe Dehydration.
STREET NAME: Swimmin' the Black Rock River.
ANALYSIS: Lowest cost high on the playa. Achieved by drinking nothing for three days straight. (May also include a free helicopter ride to Reno.)

DESCRIPTION: Slice of luncheon meat with face of Jesus.
STREET NAME: Organized Religion.
ANALYSIS: Pure baloney.

The following have been determined to contain 100% MDMA:

DESCRIPTION: Red tablet with Yahoo! logo.
ANALYSIS: These corporate-sponsored hits are available from any Yahoo! representative in Black Rock City. Just find your Yahoo! buddy and say, "Yes, I Yahoo!" And thanks for making Yahoo! the number one search engine on the internet!

DESCRIPTION: Ecstacy-laced suncreen rubbed into genitals.
STREET NAME: The Complete Release.
ANALYSIS: Seen at Camp Sunscreen. Ask for "The pink tube with the white cream."

DESCRIPTION: Brown tablet with puckered star.
STREET NAME: Assholes.
ANALYSIS: It seems everybody's got one.

DESCRIPTION: Empty capsule
ANALYSIS: This will get you SO HIGH!


BE AWARE: A new drug has hit Black Rock called "Apple Brown Betty." The high has been described as "cinnamony." Do not snort the crumbly crust.

RUMOR: One of the rangers is a narc.
REALITY: One of the narcs is a dealer. Find him by approaching any Pershing County law-enforcement official with the code phrase: "Where's the blow, Pig-eyes?"

-Have a Safe Trip!-

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