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Undercover cops at BM 2003
by Spyder

Last year, I was approached by a woman of about 38 years old who asked if she could place a light stick on my jacket. We talked briefly and we left the area.

Five or ten minutes later, she approached me again and asked if I had any "good stuff" or "fun stuff, you know what everyone else is doing." I quickly realized that she was a law enforcement employee. I carefully and politely explained that I do not "do that" and walked away.

Thirty minutes later, I saw her again, as she poked her head into the side dome of a dance camp I had been sitting in. Obviously, she was scouring the playa, looking to make a drug bust.

I have a friend that was arrested for drug use in Lake Havasu, when he unwittingly accepted a boat ride on the lake with a bunch of undercover police. He shared a little of what he had on him and got the shaft. He tells me that they cannot ask you for drugs by any formal name, or even common slang terms. They must call it something else, like "fun stuff".

Remember, a police officer will typically not be nude or get nude; they will not give you a kiss, drink three shots of whiskey with you, or hang out with you in a dark secluded pyramid on a back road of Black Rock City. All of these activities at Burning Man are common, putting the cops at a big disadvantage. Hang out with new friends for a while and see if they do any of these activities before you share.

The best advice regarding drugs is to be wary - do not share anything with anyone you do not know. Never do drugs on the open playa, ever - those days are gone.

Remember, they are out there.

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