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Make-up tips for the Black Rock Desert
by Adrian Roberts

The unique environment of the Black Rock Desert makes traditional make-up application somewhat ridiculous. The following are a few tips Iāve picked up from the previous two years Iāve been out here.

First and foremost, remember, during the day, less is more. The last thing you really want to do is cake on a ton of make-up, only to have it feel like itās melting off your face an hour later. It gets hot out here!

Therefore, try to be minimal. I recommend forgoing the standard foundation regimen, and only using a cover-up stick for major blemishes. As for blush, itās passŽ anyway, so I donāt recommend it.

Using sunblock as a base is an excellent idea (we recommend CoppertoneØ Sportś, SPF 30). Then, gently brush on powder, which tends to adhere to the stickiness of the sunblock quite well. Be judicious in your use, however. You donāt want to pancake your face.

For the eyes, try to avoid any sort of liquid make-up, save for a bit of mascara. Itās just too high-maintenance. A bit of pencil on the brow, and some on the lid should do just fine, in your choice of color. Finish up with a light mascara. Eye shadow is hardly necessary, but if you insist, again, be minimal. And remember÷blue eye shadow is bad!

Finally, there are your lips. First off, I hope you brought lipstick that wonāt melt in the heat of the desert. Thereās nothing worse than goopy lipstick. Try to keep it, and all your cosmetics, in a shady area. Avoid direct sunlight at all costs.

Back to those lips÷if your lipstick has UVA/B protection, thatās fabulous. Pucker up those lips and apply! But if youāre a slave to cheap lipstick, try applying sunblock, Chap StickØ, or BlistexØ to your lips first, before putting on lipstick. The desert wreaks havoc on unprotected lips.

Also, and this should be obvious, but drink lots of water. Your face gets thirsty! Your skin will thank you, and your complexion will be clearer because of it, alleviating the need for foundation or cover-up.

The above tips are predominantly for daywear. As for the night, the cooler temperatures and forgiving lighting allow for a more heavy-handed approach. Play around! Experiment! After all, this is what being out here in the desert is all about! Have fun decorating your face!

Maybe youāve always wanted to look like one of the characters from the film Liquid Sky. Or maybe you just want to be a drag queen. Do it up! But definitely save the heavy stuff for nightfall. You wonāt regret it. Anyway, good luck and stay beautiful!

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