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Hot outfits
by Adrian Roberts

The Burning Man festival gives many participants the opportunity to look and dress in a manner that they may not otherwise have the freedom to do in their normal, everyday lives. Put bluntly, apparel out here in Black Rock City can get damn near fetishistic. Unfortunately, most fetishwear doesn't really work here, at least not during the day. This is due to the materials that much fetishwear is designed with. Here are some of the main reasons why fetishwear won't work:

leather: looks good, but it's too hot to wear.

black vinyl PVC: looks good, but it's simply too hot to wear.

latex: looks good, but really, it's just too hot to wear.

clear plastic: looks good, but it's just a bit hot to wear.

Save items made out of the above material for wear at night. Unless that is, you're trying to sweat away a few extra pounds and risk dehydration. Otherwise, feel free.

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