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Surviving beautifully
by Adrian Roberts

It gets hot out here. Really hot. And in case you haven't figured it out, cream-based make-up usually doesn't last too long÷either on your face or in your make-up bag÷in the sweltering desert heat. What's a beautiful glamour puss to do?

First of all, if you did bring cream-based make-up out here, such as cream foundation, lipstick, or creamy eye color, be sure to put it all in a plastic zip-lock bag and store it in your cooler. There's nothing worse than getting ready to doll yourself up, only to discover that your favorite lipstick has turned to mush.

If however, you're discovering the above safety tip just a little too late, then rely on pencils and powders to do the trick. Thankfully, the desert heat is kinder to these particular cosmetic tools, allowing one to survive in the desert beautifully. Forget the lipstick and instead, use a lip-liner pencil to color your kisser. The color will stay on longer, and your lips won't feel goopy either. Powdered eye shadow still works out here, as do eyebrow pencils. Draw a bit on your eyelid, then smear with your fingertip, to give your lid some color that will remain on despite the heat.

Fortunately, liquid make-up, such as mascara and liquid foundation, also survive the desert environment relatively intact. Be careful with foundation however÷you're likely to just sweat most of it off, so perhaps it's better to just forego your usual regimen and use a light powder instead.

Finally, we can't stress enough that the most important make-up tip we can offer is to use sunblock as a base for everything! But then, you knew that already, didn't you? Now go out there and stay beautiful!

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