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The Space Cowgirls' Ten Steps to Beauty and Hygiene on the Playa

1. Wake up and open up a refreshing drink.

2. Bat your eyelashes. Scam a free solar shower from your neighbor.

3. With your feet clean (we recommend putting paper towels between your feet and thongs) proceed directly to the Camp Camp Village Quarter to get a complete manicure/pedicure from the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

4. Apply fake eyelashes in someone's air conditioned RV. This prevents them from sticking to your eyeballs.

5. Apply lipstick, then be sure to store it in a cooler to avoid melting.

6. By this time you've probably worked up a sweat becoming glamorous, but it's worth it, honey! Go ahead and ask your neighbor for a cool cocktail to make you feel better.

7. Make sure you have plenty of baby wipes on hand before you head out for the day÷you don't want those pits to be stinking, and you especially don't want that gorgeous make-up to smear!

8. Wear a cowboy hat. It's an easy way out ÷ it keeps the dust and dirt from making your hair nappy, while adding a stylish touch to any ensemble. (Ever wonder why Larry Harvey is always wearing one?)

9. If you don't feel somewhat better by this point, go ahead and slather yourself with glitter, or perhaps shimmering body powder ÷ at least you'll look better!

10. After a long, very hot day of cavorting, frolicking, lolligagging (or whatever it is you do on the playa), hit the local saloon for some hooch while soaking your feet in a bucket of peppermint lotion!

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