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Random fashion tips

Mud only feels good when it's wet.

There is a fine line between dirty and dreadlock.

Most people who live in deserts actually wear lots of clothes.

Nail polish dries out ridiculously fast out here on the playa. Paint quickly, and be sure to keep plenty of thinner on hand.

Makeup is easier to apply on a clean face. Remember to wash up before applying that glitter powder and fuschia eyeliner.

Moisturizers are nasty when mixed with alkalai playa dust.

You simply can't go wrong with glitter, sequins, and feathers.

You must suffer to be truly beautiful.

Not only are sparkles, day-glo, and glitter fashionable, they make you a visible entity at night.

Put your lipstick, eyeliner, and nail polish in coolers ÷ preferably in ziplock bags ÷ unless you want to look like a Messy Bessy. In the harsh desert heat, your make-up can melt easily, making application to the face and body difficult at best.

While on the playa, live as glamorously as possible at all times, so as to amuse yourself as well as all those who cross your path.

Use Nerf soccer balls to make a great pair of drag queen breasts.

Moisturizer is your friend. The arid Black Rock Desert can suck your skin dry, turning you into a flaky reptile. Moisturize a lot, and moisturize often.

Goggles not only give one a kewl "cyber-hipster" look, but are also quite utilitarian, keeping playa dust out of one's eyes.

Bindis are tired. Tired tired tired. Stop affixing dots to your forehead. It's so â97.

÷Playa Kitten, Dennis Hinkamp, Erica Candy Kane, Adrian Roberts

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