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Black Rock Style 2003
photography by Claudia Goetzelmann
text by Adrian Roberts and Mandy Hixson

Who's Sari Now?
Ready to hang out at the Bollywood camp? You are now, in this gorgeous sari modeled by Halcyon, and designed by Nicolette Paulsen of Whose Sari Now - whosesarinow.com. Perfect comfortable playawear!

Ride 'Em, Cowgirl
In Black Rock City, cowboy hats are not only a fashion statement, they're a necessity! Pair yours with a little vest and some cowboy boots, and you've got all you need to mosey on down to the bar for drink!

Walk of Shame
After a long night of dancing your ass off, head home with a coat long enough to cover your scantily-clad booty and keep you warm. And in case you don't make it home before dawn, don't forget the sunglasses!

Party like it's BM 1996! With all the pervasive indoctrination about "participation" over the years, this "look" hasn't been seen much in recent years - making it due for the inevitable ironic comeback!

'Trying Too Hard' Tourist
Fashion emergency! Where do we start? Cheap chicken feather boas leave lots of trace, so they're a no-no for the playa. Those heels aren't too comfy either. And stripes with polka dots? Wacky rhymes with tacky.

Cocked and Loaded
Comfy in cotton, Adrian sports a limited-edition - only 20 made - Piss Clear spaghetti-strap top, and underwear from Frisk Inner-wear - frisk-me.com. Is that a gun on your crotch, or are you just happy to see me?

Ready to (Black) Rock
We love trashy rocker babes on the playa! Mysterious D's skirt was made with a scrap of fake leopard print and some safety pins. Add a matching cowboy hat and motorcycle boots, and you're ready to (Black) rock!

Homo-erotic space age glamour! It's the circuit boys from outer space, complete with blinking LEDs and tile mirror-encrusted jock strap! Check it out Friday at midnight at Liquid Diet Lounge's Tighty Whitey show.

Sarong? So Wrong
We think Mike actually likes to dress up in bad playa fashion, and you can't get more wrong than this. What's worse than a yahoo? A yahoo who thinks they're alternative just because they wear a sarong.

Playa Prom
Mandy is all dressed up for the Playa Prom, which happened last night at Area 47. Check to see if the Playa Prom boutique near Lost Penguin Camp has any more prom dresses left, then dress formal for the Burn!

Utilikilt Dude
Nothing says 'kick-ass Burning Man dude' like a Utilikilt - utilikilts.com. Complete the look with a custom 'Black Rock City' Neighborhoodie - neighborhoodies.com - and you're ready to represent in the Real World!

Playa Pixie
Compete with all the other fairies out on the playa by throwing on a pair of pixie wings, available at almost any costume shop. Add a fluorescent pink wig, and you're ready to flit about the city.

Janet Hansen wears an illuminated flame-themed outfit of her own design. Red and gold LEDs embedded in the fabric are programmed to flicker in random patterns that simulate fire! Check out enlighted.com.

Race to the Fire
Eric is wearing a vintage '70s fire-resistant drag racing suit - $50 on eBay - with silver glitter Doc Marten's. Nighttime outfit only! Fire-resistant material, while practical at Burning Man, doesn't breathe!

Made from an unorthodox combination of thrift store fur coats, aluminum foil, paper maché, liquid latex, EL wire, and body paint, Paul's costume is inspired by his dreams of being an underwater sea king.

Candy Cane
Christmas already? Erica wears a headpiece made of fake Xmas tree foliage, wrapped much like a turban, along with a candy-striped dress with faux fur boobs, custom-made by Erica's drag mama, Billy De Herrera.

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