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1999 I Remember When...

... carrying firearms was not only allowed, it was expected.

... you couldn't see Black Rock City from the highway.

... you could stand in the middle of camp, spin in a circle, and you'd see all there was to see of Burning Man.

... Burning Man was the Theme Camp.

... tickets were $25.

... "raving" consisted of dancing to your car stereo.

... there was no gate. There was a car out in the middle of the playa, which gave you some coordinates ("7.1 miles north and 3.2 miles east") and if you didn't follow them exactly, you'd never find it.

... if you came out for a week, you were hardcore.

... the coolest things on the playa were the explosions and the costumes.

... they burned the Man on Sunday night.

... you could go to the hot springs.

.... showing up on Friday night didn't seem like you were late.

... Rave Camp was three guys and a sound system. (They still went all night long though.)

... I stopped having to explain what Burning Man was to "normal" people.

... there was no opera.

... you could burn your own art without having to ask for permission.
by Malderor and Playa Kitten

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