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2002 I remember when...

... at Camp Atari someone found the secret hidden room in Adventure for the Atari 2600.
... Disgruntled Postal Workers could brandish unloaded firearms.
... the Artists Republic of Fremont were the only ones issuing Passports.
... the Black Rock Gazette seemed like competition.
... the BMorg didn't send out e-mails ending with "Welcome home!" like some kind of Rainbow brother.
... the first village was right next to Center Camp.
... the gas cost more than the ticket.
... the Greeters were not freaks.
... the Man stood on the ground like us mere mortals.
... the Man was just a little spark.
... the One Tree.
... the street names in Black Rock City were easy to remember.
... there were communal mud baths and communal soaking pools.
... there were no rules.
... tickets were less than $75.
... we brought liquor and pineapples to the free bars, and powered the blenders with bicycles.
... we didn't even dress up.
... you could burn stuff.
... you could count on nobody doing anything stupid. Dangerous, sure, but not stupid.
... you could cross the entire encampment on foot, without having to refill your water bottle.
... you could drive as fast you wanted.
... you could go to the New Gerlach Hot Springs and take showers during the event.
... you could stand directly beneath the Man without having to do a Silly Walk to get there.
... you didn't have to fill out a lengthy questionnaire and submit a drawing to get your theme camp registered.
... your neighbors watched your stuff for you instead of stealing it.

- compiled by Rev. Blind Toaster, Caution Mike, Dr. Lizard, Lenny Jones, Penfold, and Adrian Roberts

2002 Piss Clear
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