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2003 I remember when...

... we were worried that MTV would show up and ruin everything.
... we went to Burning Man to get away from the yahoos.
... the Gerlach locals thought a bunch of freaks traipsing through town was novel.
- PF

... the first official village was right off of Center Camp.
... registering a village or theme camp didn't need a lengthly on-line questionnaire.
- Penfold

... people didn't ask for gifts to ride their art car.
... people outnumbered art cars.
... the Esplanade camps rocked.
... Burning Man wasn't suing anyone.
... dogs were allowed.
... guns were allowed.
... kids were allowed. Oh fuck, wait! They still allow kids. Damn.
... a thesis wasn't required for camp placement.
... I could remember half the cool shit I saw last year.
... our food cost more than the ticket price.
... the opera was the biggest show on the playa.
- Lenny Jones

... every camp had their own fire pit.
... there were no assigned streets and you were guaranteed to get lost after the Burn.
... there was one "Rave Camp" and it was almost a mile away.
... you could actually get an official Burning Man bus to the hot springs.
... there was no EL-wire.
... there was an actual schedule of bands on an official main stage.
... anyone could afford the ticket prices.
- Insect Surfer Dave

... nobody wanted to camp in Walk-In Camping.
... there was this place called Bianca's.
... the Center Camp Café was only about 200 square feet.
... the only people with RVs were yuppie yahoos.
... there was no internet access.
- Rev. Blind Toaster

... the opera didn't suck. Oh, wait, that never happened.
- Malderor

... you could smash a bullhorn over some annoying prick's head without any cops around to see you do it.
... getting under the Man didn't involve going through a fucking scavenger hunt first.
... grilled cheese sandwiches from Bianca's were just something to chow down on while watching people screw each other silly on the couches.
... some jackass was masturbating at our camp every damn morning and I swear, it looked just like Bradley Jordan, that uppity queen who made such a big stink about Jiffy Lube's "art" being censored in 2001.
- Sage Collins

... we walked around the playa for hours and hours one night, trying to find our camp, only to discover that all of our blinky lights had been stolen from our camp sculpture
... they let you drive cars around here, and somehow, we were foolishly camped on the way to Rave Camp. Every night, we very nearly got ran over by stupid, fucked-up people driving to the rave. The following year, somebody eventually did get run over while they were in their tent. Only then did they finally ban driving on the playa - one year too late.
... yahoos ran rampant on the playa, especially on Burn Night, when they'd show up in their pick-up trucks, drinking beer, and yelling 'fag' at me.
... I almost didn't come back to Burning Man after 1995, because of all the art thieves, asshole drivers, and yahoos.
- Adrian Roberts

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