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Playa Lingo 1997
The lexicon of Black Rock City

Brunocize: A business establishment in rural Washoe County bought out by that well-known Gerlach conglomerate. Don't you know that everything in Gerlach has been Brunocized?

Chemist: Those roving, early-morning drug dealers who stop by for a visit. Dude, don't worry about tonight. A chemist stopped by this morning, so now we're fully provisioned!

Circle jerk: Any person who participates in a drum circle. I was sleeping just fine until those circle jerks started up over there.

The dig: Excavating for smoldering Burning Man artifacts on Monday morning after the Burn. I have to get up early tomorrow morning so I can go to the dig.

Disco-napping: The restless way one sleeps during the day after being up all night on hallucinogetic drugs. I really wanted to get some solid sleep-time in, but all I could do was disco-nap.

Dust goblins: The annoying boogers that one acquires while living on the playa. I can't breath, I've got all these dust goblins up my nose!

Lollapalooziation: The supposed increasing commercialization of Burning Man. Especially popular among old-school Burning Man veterans. Yeah, I remember Burning Man before all the Lollapalooziation set in.

Magic markers: Those blinking strobes people put on their tents as a nighttime navigational tool. If it weren't for the magic markers, we would have walked around for hours trying to find our campsite!

Playafied: Having everything covered by a thin layer of alkali playa dust. After Burning Man, everything in the car was playafied for weeks.

Reno recharge: Getting some R&R in "the biggest little city in the world." After Burning Man, I'm going for a Reno recharge before heading back to San Francico.

Spacewalking: Walking at night, way out into the desert, away from camp, with no flashlight, during a new moon. I was tripping really hard last night, so I just went out on a spacewalk.

Strafing run: Trying to witness, no matter how briefly, as many art installations, performances, and events in one night as possible. There so much going on tonight, I think I'm going to have to do a strafing run to catch it all.

Tenticide: The result from placing your tent just a little too close to a major traffic thoroughfare. Last year, we camped at a spot that was on the way to Rave Camp, and it was near tenticide every night!

Ticket holder: A derogatory term for someone who treats Burning Man like any other entertainment event. Yeah, last night a bunch of ticket holders blundered by our camp asking where they could get some beer!

Wuss factor: A term applied to those who leave after the first dust or rain storm, or those too scared to come out in the first place. There would have been even more people here, but the wuss factor kept a lot of people at home.

compiled by Stewart McKenzie, Adrian Roberts, and Bryan Finch

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