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Playa lingo 1998
The lexicon of Black Rock City

The act of frantically battening down everything in your camp with a roll of duct tape. Dude, after that storm, I was overcome with ductmania! Now, I swear, nothing is going to blow away!

Dust rhino
The small dust tornado that carries off your tent in a storm. I guess the thin, three-inch metal stakes I used for my tent were just no match for that dust rhino.

Dust slugs
The dirty glob of mucus that appears across your front teeth after a dust storm. There I was, charming the fuck out of this girl, when I had a dust slug on me the whole time!

Dusty munchkins
The semi-feral children that run loose around the playa.We ran out of food on Sunday night, but fortunately a dusty munchkin came by our camp and "fell" into the fire.

Flake factor
The surprisingly consistent percentage of people who talk about their big, exciting art projects for the playa and then never even make it out to Burning Man. Our theme camp was supposed to be much bigger, but I forgot to take into account the flake factor.

High & Mighty Power Ranger
A Black Rock Ranger gone bad. What happens when a Ranger goes on a power trip, thinking they're all that merely because they're a Black Rock Ranger. Geez, Dave used to be cool. But get him in khakis and put a walkie-talkie in his hand, and he suddenly turns into a High & Mighty Power Ranger.

Keeping up with the Harveys
Slang expression for the feeling that you must make your theme camp bigger and better than last year's. Burning Man has gotten to be so high-maintenance for all my friends. We used to just hop in the car and go, but now everyone is trying to keep up with the Harveys, building some elaborate theme camp or village.

The act of fixing just about anything in your camp by using the most random, unrelated items you can find laying around. A reference from the long-cancelled television show, McGyver. The wind blew down our radio tower, but we McGyvered a new set-up for ourselves using some aluminum foil, fishing line, and chewing gum.

A theme camp that looks cool from far away, but actually sucks when you get up close. We saw this theme camp that had these really colorful banners and stuff, but when we got there, the people were kind of rude and obnoxious. It turned out to just be a mirage.

One-eyed shit
Any annoying person with a videocamera, who sees the entire Burning Man festival through their viewfinder.There I was, with a perfect view of the Burn, when this one-eyed shit appeared out of nowhere and totally got in the way.

Plastic buddy
The stinky plastic bag full of garbage that you drive out of the desert with come Monday morning. My campmates had a plastic buddy so big that it had to sit between the us the whole way to the Lockwood dump.

Playa coma
What happens in the middle of the day, when the overbearing heat of the playa makes it damn near impossible to even get up, much less walk around. Central Camp was nearly a ghost town this afternoon. I guess everyone was in a playa coma.

Playa brownies
The hard crust that forms on the still-moist muddy areas of the playa. So named due to distinct feeling that one is walking on brownies. Some assholes from Reno tried to gate crash, and got their truck stuck over there in the playa brownies.

What happens when your ankles or shins get scraped with rebar stakes. Someone stole all the plastic soda bottles off our stakes last night, and I ended up getting totally rebarred!

Rogue boner
Any annoying, horny guy loose on the playa. Maybe it's the Viagra or something, but there seem to be a lot of rogue boners blundering around this year.

Sleep guilt
The feeling that if you go to sleep, you'll miss out on something cool happening out on the playa that night. I'm sorry I'm such a wreck today. I had total sleep guilt last night, so I did a few lines of speed to stay awake.

Trying to reach orgasm through sexual intercourse before dying of heat exhaustion. Hey honey, let's not fuck during the day anymore. This tent is way too hot, and I'm sick of speedballing.

Derogatory term for anyone who is obviously a spectator, and not a participant, i.e. obsessive picture-takers, yahoos asking where the beer tent is, and other people who don't get it. We saw these tourists driving around the playa, asking if there were any RV hook-ups here.

A drunken, stumbling, unintelligent life form. Often leaves a trail of beer cans. You think this year is bad, you should have been here in '96! This place was crawling with trolls!

Mass-media reporters, camerapersons, and associated crew. I think the media indoctrination program that Burning Man Project initiated this year is really working. The vultures have been kept at bay better than they were last year.

Vapor camp
A cool theme camp that you heard or read about, but once you're out here, you can't seem to actually find it. I was really looking forward to the Anti-Burning Man camp last year, but it turned out to just be a vapor camp.

The honorary person in your camp who seems unable to leave his/her lawn chair all weekend. Dude, don't be a zonker! Come on, let's go visit Bianca's Smut Shack. You can sit around there and do nothing!

compiled by compiled by Bryan Finch, Charles Lucas, Swirly Rat Jr., Hurricane Linda, Lizard Man, Stewart McKenzie, Adrian Roberts,

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