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Playa Lingo - 2001

The condition something gets when brought to Black Rock City; the coating of playa dust that simply doesn't go away.
Dude, you shouldn't have left your car window open, even a crack! Now the interior's totally playafied!

Blessed By The Playa God
See playafied.
No, dude, it's cool. My car has just been blessed by the playa god.

The feeling one gets immediately after Burning Man; the worn-out, post-playa depression one has upon returning to the Real World.
I wish I could call in sick on Tuesday. I am totally playafried.

Playa Hair
Sun + sweat + playa dust - shampooing = playa hair.
I love playa hair! Now I've got hold that Paul Mitchell or Vidal Sassoon would die for! Of course, it's not exactly holding the way I want it to.

Playa Name
The dork-ass name you come up with for yourself so you can feel special while at Burning Man. Of course, you'd feel like an idiot if you ever actually used this name in Real Life.
I know Bob is trying to get in the spirit of things by having a playa name, but does he really need to demand that everyone call him Lord Devildog?

Playa Chicken
Reputed animal that lives on the playa. It reproduces by the feathers shed from boas worn by BM participants that aren't picked up. The rain embeds them into the playa and they germinate into playa chickens.
The playa chicken problem was especially rampant after Burning Man last year, but that was before they started asking people to stop bringing cheap chicken feather boas.

Playa Pounder
Cheap bike with one speed for getting around Black Rock City.
I'd certainly never ride this playa pounder anywhere but here it's a piece of shit, but it gets me from point A to point B.

Playa Spin-Art
Those huge puddles of puke found on the playa, usually the morning after the Burn (or, in some unfortunate cases, on your shoes)
What did you eat, man? You just made playa spin-art all over my installation!

PULD: Poly Until Labor Day
Those folks who, under the influence of BM, profess that they have become 'polyamorous' until they leave the playa and the drugs wear off.
Should we call Lizzy and Dave when we get back to San Francisco? Or do you think they're probably just PULDs?

compiled by Penfold, PF, and Adrian Roberts

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