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Playa Lingo - 2002

A person who takes the annual theme idea far too seriously. We had our theme camp all set up, and then that floater dude had to get all super critical because we're not doing something nautical.

Moniker used by Burners and/or Gigsvillians to refer to fellow denizens of Gigsville. Those fuckos over in Gigsville throw one hell of a mean Carbeque!

Trading infomation and relaying messages over walkie-talkies. The crowd's small on this side right now, but there's lots of people geek-banding out the 20 so you better get your ass over here quick... over.

The Hat
Also known as Larry Harvey. Have you seen The Hat lately? Last I saw, he was zooming off in his golf cart to yet another meeting.

Newbie roadblock
Badly parked bicycles that impede the regular flow of foot traffic. If you don't want me walkin' over your newbie roadblock why did you set it up in the middle of this fucking path?

Playa brain
Malady afflicting your short-term memory. Ak! Playa brain! Where the fuck are my keys?

Playa droppings
Clumps of playa that fall off and litter Highway 447 from departing vehicles. Fasten your seatbelts, kids! It's going to be a bumpy ride with all these playa droppings!

Playa dust
Trace condiment in your food. Gets into and onto everything and won't go away. I've still got playa dust in my boots from last year!

Playa hair
Playa dust + sun + sweat + lack of regular showers = playa hair. Gives you a hold that makes Paul Mitchell green with envy. I look like untamed wild child with my crazy playa hair!

Playa Hate-ta
Those slick, tough urbanites who transmogrify into whiny, cowering turds the moment they set foot on the playa. Those Playa Hate-tas from NYC went and hid in their rental RV every time the wind kicked up.

Playa platforms
What you get when an inch or more of playa mud accumulates on the soles of your shoes. Damn! Another inch of this rain and it's playa platforms for all of us!

Playa pounder
The cheap, crappy bike you bring to get around Black Rock City that won't shift gears, and you wouldn't miss if somebody stole it. Sure, I wrecked my bike going over that makeshift ramp someone made out on the playa, but whatever, it's just a playa pounder.

Playa shuffle
Addled, vacant stare and trudging walk exhibited by Burners finding their way back to camp after being up all night and day, partying and dancing. Did you see Mark come back to camp this afternoon? He was doing the playa shuffle, then headed straight for his tent.

Any non-participatory person in Black Rock City, such as someone taking photos without permission. I like it here better earlier in the week, before all the yahoos start showing up near the weekend.

Vapor camp
The empty space of a theme camp whose organizers wuss out after reserving their real estate for the week. Our camp had a pretty small space, so we took over the vapor camp next to us.

- complied by Penfold, Rev. Blind Toaster and Bryan Finch

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