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Playa Lingo 2003: the Lexicon of Black Rock City

a "free-love" poseur

bad grapevine connection
a possibly misinformed private-party playa rumor

Baker original
anyone who went to Burning Man before 1990; a true veteran Burner

birthday suiting up
popping a boner on the playa, i.e. getting an erection in public

Black Rock starstruck
being rendered speechless while within Larry Harvey's vicinity

blue room
classy slang for a porta-potty, making it sound more like a VIP lounge, rather than a toilet

cactus diet
a preference for eating peyote

decompression junkie
a person who thinks that Burning Man is a rip-off, or who doesn't "have the time to go," but never misses the after-parties

Ranger term for people on Ecstacy

The Ethical Slut
mandatory reading for Black Rock City relationship etiquette

expanding your whorizons
making a quick pit stop at Penetration Village, aka Jiffy Lube

flambé nerd
someone who goes to the Burning Man pre-parties, but never makes it out to the playa

giving Johnny the cold shoulder
using the toilet of a comfortable, air-conditioned RV

Golden Gate breaker
a San Francisco six-stepper; someone from the Bay Area who 'falls off the wagon' while at Burning Man

half asleep in frog pajamas
a slowly-evolving individual, often a former yahoo.

H.G. wells
Harvey's Groupie/concubine beverage service

hippies who drive SUVs

hot sex
slightly sarcastic slang for "right on"

jonesing for a 'Nectar fix
looking for a camp where DJ Lorin Bassnectar is spinning

the Julia Butterfly Hill episode
the infamous episode of The Simpsons that name-drops Burning Man

panty liner
playa dust in the underpants

perfect record
eighteen years of attending Burning Man, never missing a single one

playa faerie
a fresh fruit-bearing female

fancy way to say you're a slut at Burning Man. See The Ethical Slut

the "sickness" one has upon returning to the Real World, resulting in calling in sick on Tuesday

pulling a lazy grandmother
forwarding the dead granny excuse, unedited, to your boss

ranch handshake
a lubricated DPW encounter

a barter bar expert

Rohphynol fiddler
an eerily-generous liquor offering

the Sadie Hawkins waiting room
exhibiting impressive patience for incoming pussy; hanging around a girl all night long with the intent of getting laid

spectator sports fan
a voyeuristic creep on the hunt for viewing public sex on the sidelines

stealth virgin
a Newbie who acts so much like a jaded veteran, that you'd never know they'd never been to Burning Man before

stepping out for a buzz
making a trip to the Center Camp Cafe

a jaded camp

- Orange Peel Moses and Adrian Roberts

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